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Library Fam! Press Play!

Enjoy Mary on her podcast and in person? You're in luck: check her out in an award-nominated film!
Breaking News!
I am in a short film that is an official selection of the Beaufort International Film Festival!
here to see the trailer for "Sharps".
here to check out the film festival.


Marble Surface

Hello to you, my gorgeous Contrary Guardians.
Did you know that I have been podcasting for a year?
I know! I can't believe it either.
The new year will bring lots of fun guests, silly rants and musing from me, your favorite funny lady, so don't miss an episode.  Listen wherever you want, I am available on all the platforms. New episodes come out weekly, or whenever I feel like it. Don't put me in a box! 
Love you.


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Would you like to leave me a message that may end up on a future episode of Contrary Gardens? You can do that right here!


Do you love Contrary Gardens, and usually enjoy a nice, hot cup of coffee while you listen?
Wouldn't it be cool to be drinking that delicious elixir out of a Contrary Gardens mug? Yeah, I thought you would agree. Well get ready, because the Contrary Gardens Store will be opening soon!



Are you jonesing to see me in action? Visit my YouTube page!

Mary Tischbein at Visani
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Mary Tischbein                      Comedian, Writer, Actor

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