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Mary Tischbein                      Comedian, Writer, Actor

Welcome to Tischbania

Hey Mare, whatcha been up to? 

Auditioning, writing and learning.

I performed stand up comedy in the Southeast region for 9 years and it was a great experience. Now, I am an actor. Want to see some funny shorts? Not like gym shorts or denim ones, but little movies? I got you. I invite you to check out these tasty morsels that were created, written and produced by Jyna Johnson's It's Funny To Me Productions. 

Click here to visit Jyna's YouTube site for the latest episode of Sketchy Television.

While you are there, check out the short film: "The Doctor Will See You Shortly", the full cut and the micro version, and lots of other goodies!

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Mary Tischbein                      Comedian, Writer, Actor

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